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John DeLorean has died at the age of 80 from complications of a recent stroke. DeLorean was the innovator of the stainless steel, winged sports car bearing his name. The DeLorean car was the time traveling machine that Michael Fox drove in the "Back to the Future" movies of the 80s. DeLorean is credited for creating the first "muscle car", the Pontiac GTO, in 1964.



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Baby Boomer Retirees? Say it ain't so... the hippies, the counter-culture of the sixties are approaching the age of retirement, not Aquarius......the proverbial rocking chair! Yikes!

Like it or not a generation of post War baby boomers, 70 million strong, are fast approaching the traditional age of retirement in the United States. In 2006 the first born of this generation will be turning 60.

Yet, as they have throughout the decades, the baby boomers continue to shape, influence and create American culture. Their attitudes about retirement will impact the American work force like no other time in our history.

The potential loss of tens of millions of experienced and skilled workers leaving the work force in droves is a daunting concept. Demographers have predicted crises for Corporate America.

Like their parent's of the World War II era, the post War population has an aggressive work ethic and firm value system at their core. With employers facing shortages of employees and appreciating the experience that aging Boomers posses, it is expected that older workers will be offered incentives to remain in the work force.

A University of Michigan survey showed that the percentage of older people working longer continues to grow. Fifty seven percent of Boomer men and forty five percent of Boomer women plan to work past 62.

Yesterday's flower-children grew up to be the most affluent generation in American history and have spent their money freely. Unlike their parents, saving for old age wasn't a priority. Consequently, many will continue to work for the income and benefits.

In their desire to remain youthful, Boomers have managed to stay healthier and more active than seniors in the past. It is unlikely this generation will take old age lying down.

They remain idealistic innovators of change and and perhaps with age comes a renewal of the value of an active life that holds meaning and purpose into retirement and beyond..


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Sandra Dee Passes Away

Sandra Dee, passed away on February 20, 2005 from complications of kidney disease. Ms. Dee was the original Gidget in the hugely popular 1959 beach film, "Gidget". Her sweet, wholesome innocence contributed to the film's smash success with teenagers of the early sixties. That same youthful freshness remained her trademark image throughout the fifties and sixties.

Sandra starred opposite Troy Donohue in the teen love story, A Summer Place in 1959. The theme music for A Summer Place went on to top the music charts. Ms. Dee replaced Debbie Reynolds as "Tammy" in the 1961 film, Tammy Tell Me True. In 1963 she recreated the Tammy character in, Tammy and The Doctor with costar, Peter Fonda.

Considered America's Sweetheart, Dee married the teen idol, Bobby Darin (Splish Splash and Mack The Knife were two of Darin's hit records) in 1960. The couple starred in three films together. Their last film appearance together was in "That Funny Feeling" in 1965, they had one son and divorced in 1967. The two are portrayed in the Kevin Spacey bio film, "Beyond The Sea" in which Kate Bosworth plays the part of Sandra Dee.

Sandra Dee was born April 23, 1942 in Bayonne, NJ. She was 62 years old.


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The Blues



Don't Retire, REWIRE!
by Jeri Sedlar, Rick Miners

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Women Confronting Retirement

Women Confronting Retirement

More than half of American baby boomers ? 55 percent ? say they express themselves through their work. That compares with 46 percent for members of Generation X ? those born from 1965 through 1976 ? and only 34 percent of people older than 50.

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